Vincent van gogh sunflowers essay

The various paintings of Sunflowers and Vincent van Gogh are a perfect example of this. Not only can one make a mental connection between the artists name and painting but also between the artist and their influence on the development of art through these paintings. Upon looking at these paintings one begins to notice aspects that seem to flow from one piece to another. The colors are vibrant and express emotions typically associated with the life of sunflowers:

Vincent van gogh sunflowers essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The painter who was the greatest Dutch painter of the nineteenth century, who tried to express his world view up to the point in his life when madness captured him, he wrote down everything to his brother, Theo.

He sold out only one painting in his life, however he has got more than one painting which is among the most expensive paintings in the world nowadays. I will focus on the paintings that were inseparable from his name, namely The Potato Eaters, Sunflowers, and Starry Night.

He had five siblings, but he managed to develop a strong relationship only with Theo who was his only supporter both physically and materially. There he could learn about painting in privacy. He met with Japanese woodcuts, and he copied some of them. His family broke the contact with him because of an unfortunate love case.

In his father died and then his family —except Theo- kept aloof. He kept in touch with Theo and all through their life they corresponded.

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About letters survived, but they lived together in Paris, so it is difficult to collect details about this period. In February, he moved to Arles and when he was there, he felt lonely, so he asked Gauguin to visit him. Gauguin arrived to Arles on 23rd October They quarreled increasingly much and on 23rd December van Gogh attacked Gauguin with a razor on the ground who finally escaped.

Van Gogh went home then, and chopped off one of his earlobes with a razor. He got into an asylum. He suffered from bipolar disorder or manic depression. A bipolar disorder patient goes through exceptionally extreme mood fluctuations which may even last for months.

The hallucinations and the epileptic attacks followed the period of calmness. In January he left the hospital. In May he travelled to the sanatorium of Saint-Remy, and later he felt into hysterics and for three weeks lost his consciousness.

He realized that he was incurable. He had long, painful attacks, but even so he worked a lot. Theo spent his time beside his dying brother, Vincent, who died on His last wish was to bury him in The Netherlands. His friends overwhelmed his bier with sunflowers.

Most of the artists in the exhibition were younger than the Impressionists.I chose Vincent Van Gogh to imitate. I really like his art that I have seen in our book.

I also looked up his work online and found more that I am really fond of. My house is decorated in sunflowers and he has some beautiful pieces of work he did in sunflowers. If I knew where I could purchase them.

Vincent van Gogh, the eldest son of a Dutch Reformed minister and a bookseller’s daughter, pursued various vocations, including that of an art dealer and clergyman, before deciding to become an artist at the age of twenty-seven.

Vincent’s name has been used through out the family also; his grandfather was named Vincent and was name after his father’s uncle, who was the successful sculptor Vincent Van Gogh().

Van Gogh’s parents sent him. The 1 x 73cm oil painting was created by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh () in Arles, in , as one of a series of several sunflower paintings.

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Vincent van gogh sunflowers essay

for only $ $/page. Order now. Search. Related Essays. Sunflowers by Vincent ; Van Gogh Art ;. The ‘Sunflowers’ played a large role in the influence Van Gogh had on the Symbolist movement and highlighting his artistic vision (Met Museum).

4 In my opinion, Van Gogh displayed his feelings about life and death in the ‘Sunflowers’. Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh is a world-renowned artist famous for paintings such as Sunflowers, many of his self portraits, and Starry Night; the painting that will be .

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