The cause of premature puberty children and young people essay

Late puberty As children approach their early teens, puberty begins.

The cause of premature puberty children and young people essay

Melody Newcomb Advertisement For the past two decades scientists have been trying to unravel a mystery in young girls. Breast development, typical of year-olds a generation ago, is now occurring in more seven-year-olds and, rarely, even in three-year-olds.

That precocious development, scientists fear, may increase their risk for cancer or other illnesses later in life. Time has not resolved the puzzle. Nor is there any indication that this trend is slowing.

More and more families are finding themselves in the strange position of juggling stuffed animals and puberty talks with their first and second graders. Obesity appears to be the major factor sending girls into these unchartered waters.

The rate of obesity has more than doubled in children over the past 30 years. And whereas only 7 percent of children aged six to 11 were obese innearly 18 percent were obese in The latest studies, however, suggest that weight gain does not explain everything.

Family stress and chemical exposures in the environment may also play a role, but the data do not yet paint a very clear picture of their contribution. As for boys, the data are murkier, but one study did suggest that they, too, may be starting puberty earlier than before—perhaps by as much as six months to two years.

Clinicians say that slightly early development of breasts is likely not physically harmful and so does not require medical or pharmaceutical therapy for most girls.

The cause of premature puberty children and young people essay

Among the few exceptions are pituitary disorders. The psychological effects, though, are another matter that warrants more attention from schools and parents; early puberty seems to augment the risk of depression and to promote substance abuse and early initiation of sexual intercourse.

Moreover, the work found that the trend toward early development was not happening only in outliers. Puberty was happening earlier in most girls and again differed by race: Other studies soon reached similar conclusions in Europe as well as the U.

Obesity and Early Puberty: What's the Risk?

According to the most recent U. Those findings suggest the proportion of girls with significantly earlier breast development may still be ticking upward.

From a biological point of view, whether puberty begins early or late, it still starts in the brain. Something cues the brain to produce a substance called gonadotropin-releasing hormone, or GnRH. This process activates the pituitary gland, which then signals the ovaries to produce estrogen, which in turn stimulates the breasts to grow and puberty to begin.

Pubic hair forms as the result of a different biological process. Menstruation usually begins a few years later. Focusing too much on the latter meant researchers tended to overlook the breast trend. The ovaries are not the only place in the body where estrogen is produced, however. Fat cells manufacture the hormone as well.

Thus, with obesity levels on the rise around the world, it is not surprising that earlier puberty would result. As a result, puberty not only begins earlier but lasts longer than before. The most obvious physical consequence of early puberty is a prolonged exposure to estrogen.

The potential effect probably is minimal, researchers say—particularly when weighed against myriad other factors—such as genetics, alcohol consumption and exercise—that also affect cancer risk. The much smaller exposure to estrogen that occurs in conjunction with early breast development has not yet been definitively studied.

Against that backdrop, many experts now believe parents should focus on the psychosocial consequences of early puberty rather than the potential physical risks.

He is also the father of three children. In his estimation, one of the biggest issues with early puberty is social well-being. Beyond obesity Although researchers agree that obesity plays the central role in the earlier development of puberty, there is evidence implicating other factors as well.

Lise Aksglaede and her colleagues at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen followed more than 2, girls and discovered that although heavier individuals were indeed entering puberty earlier, a similar—if slightly less pronounced—trend also existed among normal-weight girls.

What might that something else include? Researchers have long suspected that exposure to certain compounds known as endocrine disruptors might have a part in triggering early puberty.Puberty essaysUp until the age of nine or ten years, there is little difference in the physical appearance of a boy or a girl, except the genitals.

Boys and girls behave differently but this is mostly as a result of. Aug 27,  · A study published in that analyzed the long-term effects of premature birth on cognitive abilities such as memory and attention span in early adulthood revealed that people who were born extremely premature performed worse on executive function tests and took longer to complete higher-order intellectual tasks.

Children with Precocious Puberty may be stressed because of physical and hormonal changes; they are just too young to understand all the changes their body is making. These children will be teased and may end up having body image or self-esteem problems. Early onset of puberty can cause several problems.

The early growth spurt initially can cause tall stature, but rapid bone maturation can cause linear growth to cease too early and can result in short adult stature.

it is the time at which a growing boy or girl begins the process of sexual maturation. At puberty, a young man's body begins. Understanding Children and Young People Essay  Edexcel Level 3 take place throughout puberty.

As a result, Annie’s body will start developing, because of the rise in estrogen in her body. disputed that a child’s premature feeling of individuality comes to some extent “unglued” because a mixture of fast body growth and. Well, sex is the most common thought that pops out from the head of many people.

But there is much more than sex to puberty. Milk and Precocious Puberty Essay - It may seem that children are developing sooner than usual, and that is because they are.

At times anindividual with this dilemma may experience young children questioning.

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